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The Luxury Features You’ll Find in the Homes of the Super-Rich

The Luxury Features You’ll Find in the Homes of the Super-Rich

Lifestyle Adam Mackay 6th August 2021

In this two-minute read, we look at the swanky features the rich and famous have in their homes.


Scroll through the Instagram accounts of the rich and famous and you could be forgiven for feeling a mild dose of property envy.


As you would expect, the mega-rich have swanky homes, with all manner of mod cons (although let’s face it, money can’t buy style and they’re not always decked out in good taste).


As it doesn’t hurt to daydream, let’s look at some of the extravagant features you’ll find in ultra-luxe properties.


A pool (or two)

These days, a simple lap pool just won’t cut it; the super-rich want something more bespoke.

The Beckhams have a plunge pool at their Cotswold estate (so they can cool off after a stint in their Estonian sauna), while Beyonce and Jay Z have his and her infinity pools.


Ed Sheeran’s property in Suffolk has a kidney-shaped wildlife pond – which, he says, most definitely isn’t a pool. (Ed’s neighbours objected to the installation of the ‘pond’ and claimed that as it had steps, a handrail, and a jetty, it was indeed a pool.)


Workout facilities

A gym and tennis court are must-haves in any luxury home, but to really stand out you’ll also need a basketball court or skating rink. To help deal with the pressures of modern-day life, yoga studios and outdoor meditation areas are also increasingly popular.


Wine cellar

If you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on expensive bottles of plonk, then of course you’ll need a sleek, temperature-controlled wine cellar. Many of these elaborate cellars have glass trap doors and chandeliers and easily cost as much as some homes.


State-of-the-art security

Top-notch security is a must when you’re a member of the elite. Electric gates, CCTV, and a home safe are standard, as is a panic room.


Modern panic rooms have walls and doors as thick as the Bank of England’s vaults, fingerprint access, and an independent air supply. They’re also often spacious and decked out in luxurious furniture and fabrics like a five-star hotel.


From all of us here at Mackay Property, thanks for reading.


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