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Life without Pets

Bishop' Stortford Property Market Adam Mackay 29th December 2021

The UK is, and has been for many many years, country of animal lovers. Cats, dogs, furry rodents, birds and reptiles, they form part of a family unit,  they are important additions to daily life, providing comfort and joy.


However, since the Government announced the publication of a new tenancy agreement to help tenants who have well-behaved pets. This has caused some confusion in the housing sector, with many tenants believing that they have a statutory right to rent a property accompanied by their furry friends.




The Model Tenancy Agreement was published on 28th January 2021, allowing responsible pet owners with a well-behaved pet to secure a tenancy more easily.


The Model Tenancy Agreement is a recommended document that the Government feels should be used, it is not a mandatory requirement. And this is where the confusion has arisen - there is a very distinct difference between a “recommendation” and a “mandatory statutory” requirement.


The Draft Bill 


The content is quite straightforward and easy to follow:-


The right to keep dogs and Other animals in the domestic accommodation


Exceptions to the right to keep dogs and other animals


Certificates of responsible guardianship


Certificate of exemption


Statements on measures to support Animals in domestic accommodation


Micro chipping of dogs and cats


The Bill lacks detail, however does reference the importance of certification, vaccination and a requirement for basic training of a dog. It is important to bear in mind that the MP behind this Bill makes a statement that refers to the “responsible pet owner”, but what exactly does that mean and who decides whether a pet owner is responsible or not?


The Bill needs to be debated in both houses, so only time will tell whether tenants will legally have a right to “Let with a Pet”.


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