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Feel Good Friday and your invitation to use Homesearch

Feel Good Friday and your invitation to use Homesearch

Lifestyle Default Author 21st August 2020

We pride ourselves on providing the very best service and we’re always looking for innovative ways to support our clients. We believe helping you to access the best insight and information on property is key to helping you make good decisions.
That’s why we want to invite you to use Homesearch, a new platform that contains comprehensive, accurate, and impartial information on every home across England and Wales.
Unlike other property portals, Homesearch goes beyond simply giving you ‘an overview’ of what is only currently for sale and for rent. It allows you to search more intuitively for any address, anywhere (you can even track your own home), and gives you all the information you need at the click of a button.
With information including market value, plot and title details, estimated stamp duty and rental yield for every property across England and Wales at your fingertips, you’ll be empowered to make better buying, selling and renting decisions whenever the time is right for you.
Listings are updated frequently, so you’ll be amongst the first to know when a new property hits the market. Using Homesearch, you can also learn about properties which meet your criteria before they’re even marketed for sale or rent.
Here’s a link to Homesearch to get you started.
If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.
What is Homesearch?
• Homesearch shows for sale and for rent listings, and is a public search engine where you can access information on every single property across England and Wales, on and off market.
• Homesearch is a new place for you to buy, sell, rent and research properties across England and Wales.
• It is a platform which allows you to access comprehensive, impartial and accurate information on these homes.
• You can gain insights into things like planning permission plot size, transport links, street information and much more.
• All this data is under one roof so you can find any information you might need if you are looking to buy, sell, rent or let.
How does Homesearch work and what can I do on there?
• You can keep an eye on prices, changes, and latest activity on your own home.
• Homesearch makes your “Homesearching” life easier. If you’re looking to move, the platform makes it easier to buy or rent.
• You can access accurate information on every home in England and Wales to give you a 360° view of the market.
• The information you can access on Homesearch includes plot size, planning permission, demographic information, transport links and how the location of a property will impact your commute and much more.
• The platform can remember your search criteria so you can save time and make your searching more efficient.
• As well as seeing listings of properties currently available, you can also find and learn about other properties before they’re up for sale or rent.
• Stay up to date with when a new property hits the market, or when something you like is going to sell.
If you are a buyer:
• You can use Homesearch to find your perfect home out of every currently available property, as well as being able to enquire about millions more.
• Gain insights into local lifestyle, demographic and market information.
• See how many enquiries have been made on homes you may be interested in that are on the market.
If you are a seller:
• You can use Homesearch to track market movements around your own home and those you may be interested in.
• Stay informed on the local market.
• Explore off-market opportunities.
If you are a renter:
• Homesearch can help you make moving easier
• Find your perfect place to suit your current and future lifestyle.
How do I get access to Homesearch? Do I need an account?
• You can begin using Homesearch by accepting an invitation from us.
• You will then be able to log in using your Facebook/Google account or email address.
Can anyone use Homesearch or do they need an agent to invite them?
• Anyone can use Homesearch. You can invite your friends and family through the system itself.
Why shouldn’t I just use portals that already exist?
• You still can. Homesearch has information on every property for you to do all your research on, as well as the ones to buy and rent.
• Homesearch gives you access to more property and market information than has ever been available before.
How is Homesearch different to what I can already use?
• All the information you might want to know about a property or area you’d like to move to is under one roof which will make your searches more efficient and informative.
• The amount of information available to you is more than has ever been available before so you can make more informed decisions.
• With Homesearch, you can track everything that’s happening around your place, as well as where you want to move. You can explore a whole universe of properties which fit your needs that are both on and off the market so we can work together to find your dream home.
What are the benefits of looking at information on Homesearch?
• The information on Homesearch is impartial - they are independent and the only network delivering accurate information, analytics and demographics on every property in England and Wales.
• With data on every property in England and Wales, you can uncover more opportunities and get a fuller picture of the market you are searching in.
• You can find your dream property by exploring homes that are off the market as well as currently available and you can find the best agent to suit your needs.
• Agents and clients alike can use Homesearch, so as your agent I can better service you based on the information we can gather using the platform to make finding your dream property much easier and a reality.
How accurate is the information on Homesearch?
• The data on Homesearch has a 90% accuracy and is updated every 30 days to make sure the information is as accurate as possible.
Who can access my information?
• Just like other portals, if you enquire with an agent, your information will be shared with them.
• We can provide you with links to the Homesearch privacy policy and Terms and Conditions if you would like any additional information.
Happy Homesearching

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